ISH Shiksha aims to educate the Deaf Community and build a bridge between the Hearing and Deaf Communities.

Many schools in India follow the practice of oralism which is very difficult for the majority of the Deaf population to follow, and this hinders their ability to lead an independent life with good employment opportunities. The pandemic lock downs had made it more difficult for Deaf people to socialize and share their knowledge.

Understanding the importance of providing the quality accessible education to curb with the problem of illiteracy in the Deaf Community, ISH Shiksha was launched in June 2021.

Currently we provide an Online Interactive Education platform for everyone. Via our network, we recruit and train Deaf or Hearing Teachers with various professional skills to provide proper quality Education to the Deaf Community in a properly accessible format.

We provided English courses for the Deaf. We also conducted Basic Indian Sign Language courses to enable hearing people to learn and communicate with the Deaf.

We intend to expand the courses to cover the subjects that would be of interest to the Deaf Community and which would enable them to lead an independent life.


We carry out Online Education in accessible format for the Deaf and Hearing.


We welcome Deaf teachers to impart their knowledge to the Deaf students and help each other.


We give education FREE of cost for those Deaf students from poor families. For other students, we charge economical fees which are affordable.


By giving them accessible education, we are empowering them to lead an independent life.

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